Keynes save world or not.

Keynes died and if he were alive, he start to laugh the stupidty of the situation. Because Keynes offered a theory in a crise time in 1929. He reached some solutions, and he build the macroeconomic bases, and explained  what is going on now, post-1929, and how the economical mechanism works. However, today everything is different. Now an financial clique, consist of government members, economists, semi-literate, workers, move like sheeps under same conditions in their sector, control whole economy. They give credit, they value a firms’ future, they shape economical situation. They can effect and change third countries’ economical parameters in one night, and they have little responsibility. Same clique, today, polluted American economy and whole world. Luigi Zingales said that this is a trust problem. Yes, absolutely. We did not trust free hands, keynesian economics, classic economics, or communist economics. We need a new century with fair trade, ethical economics. It could be based over an religion views, or something different systems. But if a financial clique will shape world without feel any responsibility to people, they destroy the belief of trust. All gains of civilization and free trade will be destroyed. Human and money relationship have to be changed wholly. And now the time of human economics consists of three important aspects. First, we have to understand that there is an world economics, not American or India, so one world, one nation, second the every people in planet have rights over the wealth of whole world, and a new distribution plan have to be adjusted, like Islamic zekat or tobin taxes etc,  and third and last one, whole governments have to try to support the investment plans in Africa and third world. That investment plans increase the country consumptions, exports-imports, whileby the first world give support to invest and they will earn money. So at the same time, a win-win situation make the world a better place. Peace will get over the world andAmericacan lead maybe under the Obama reign…

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