Ekonomiturk’e yollayıp beş kuruş alamadan kullanılan yazım.

Copia Capital is 550 million dollar, an employee owned hedge fund  founded in May 2002 by Tim Flannery. It is based in Chicago; Illinois. Copia manages a market-neutral equity strategy that invests across multiple sectors in the energy value chain, including energy, utility, material and industrial companies.The firm invests in the hedging markets. The firm typically invests in companies in energy, utilities, industrials and materials sectors. It operates as a subsidiary of Front Point Partners[1] LLC till 2010. Tim Flannery lead Copia Capital’s spin-off form FrontPoint Partners in 2010. Energy and utility hedge fund manager Copia Capital and its original founder Tim Flannery have recently broken away from Morgen Stanley’s Front Point Partners to become an independent. Copia Capital’s portofolio consists of Basic Materials, Utilities, Consumer Goods, Services, Industrial Goods and Technology. Copia cooperate with FrontPartners and it support FrontPoint Partners as an advicer firm and FrontPoint still has an investment in Copia’s main fund.While in 2010, at the point he separated ways from Frontpoint, Copia’s fund value was 540 million dollar.

Copia’s employees are partners in the firm.. Team was lead by Tim Flannery, Dean  Du Monthier, David Grumhaus and George Shiau. Copia’s senior investment team has been working together since the firm’s founding in 2002. He leads the team listed below, manage 548 million dolar in 2011. Copia Capital is managed in California. Copia Capitals’ Key Executives:


Mr. David Grumhaus.              Co-Founder and Partner

Mr. Ross Collins                       Co-Founder and Partner

Mr. George Litsman Shial.       Co Founder and Partner

Mr. David Kenneth Pritsker    Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Timothy J. Flannery             Co Founder





Timmothy Flannery is 44-year-old native of Michigan. Tim manages the Copia Capital with George Shiau, about 9 years as a managing partner since 2002. Before Copia was founded in 2002, Tim was a Director at Trove Partners LLC, a utility and energy investment partnership in Chicago. He developed the investment strategy for the Trove Market Neutral Fund, LP and was the fund’s portfolio manager. Previously, Tim was a consultant with Metzler & Associates, a consulting firm specializing in strategic and operational advice to the deregulating electric and gas utility sector. Tim Flannery is a speacilist in energy markets,especailly alternative energy firms. His focus of interest was providing strategic advices to clients through economic, financial and statistical analysis.


He earned an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago and a BBA with an emphasis in Accounting from the University of Michigan.


Tim thinks that sun-energy could be an alternative to oil energy. Wind power is only an alternative where there is no electricity.Tim Flannery said in 16th annual Investment Conference Ira Sahn, “ Wind tends to blow in places where, and at times when people do not use power.”  He has been taking short position in wind energy companies during the past 24 months like other hedge fund managers. Increasing oil prices motive the hedge fund managers to shorting renewable energy stocks and wind companies in particular. So Tim also take positions for alternative energy. Tim give emphasis alternative energy  companies in solar energy. Flannery says investors have excessively bid up stocks of companies that produce relatively clean energy, like nuclear power giants Exelon ( EXC – news – people ) and geothermal and natural gas power producer Calpine ( CPN – news – people).[2] Flannery takes position in alternative energy firms but he also manage his portfolio on traditional energy sources. When you look at the insider monkey’s Copia Holdings Account in 2011 March 31, Copia Capital Fund holds three big firms’ shares, Petrohawk energy corparation, Patterson Uti Energy Inc, and Harvest Natural Resources, Inc.Those three company’s sector are  first and third, Crude Petroleum & Natural Gas and Drilling Oil & Gas Well. It is seen that the traditional energy sector weightened in portfolio.Flannery’s fund holds weigtened traditional oil and gas companies shares.














18th July 2010





Copia Capital, LLC

71 S. Wacker Dr., Suite 3525

Chicago,IL 60606

United States

Email:  ir@copiacap.com

Phone:  312-544-4200

Fax:  312-544-4242

[1] Front Point Partners LLC is a privately owned hedge fund sponsor. The firm also provides invesment advisory services to its clients. It was founded in November 2000 and is based in Greenwich, Connecticut with additional offices in New York, and London, U. K . It decide as behalf of Morgan Stanley.


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