Faith is not evitable, but I have to warn and say what I understand about truth.

Nowadays, Turkey is seen as directed to an operation in Syria. Do the holders of World’s fate aware the consequences of that war and where the world will go? I am not sure. Even at the end of this future events, the Third World War shall come. I cannot understand the who will gain benefit that kaos and errediction from that situation.  What Israel, neither Turkey, How America’s, nor Russia, nor Iran, not the interest. All will Suffer pains together.

Events are developing so unfortunately there is the danger of war very close to the facts as stated in hadiths. If you type you will see the results of this war as the war on the Internet Amik Plain. (Googled to  the Amik Plain, Armegeddon, type the big war, signs of the apocalypse. Before In Hadiths ( Messages of Our Prophet Muhammed ), He said the conquerence of Constantinopolis-İstanbul and more. They all become truth.  the Great Prophet always say Truth.)

According to this hadith that the three great war will occure. This will very bloody battles. There are some interesting sayings Of Him like fire balls ( Nuclear Bombs),  destruction Sacrament of Istanbul about before apocalypse. He said that the intervention of an army gathered with many  flags in Iskenderun, Antakya. This shows that the intervention of the United Nations in North west of Syria. Then comes the conflict between Turkey and these powers. Istanbul is destroyed. This could be an earthquake, or a nuclear attack. Shortly, everything are going crazy.

Evangalists and Jews  believe in only one war will occur as Armageddon. And they believe they will win that war. However, no accounts will not be as they expected. Because there is a war that lasted 7 years, with three major battles.

O you who manage the world, these are the words of Loyal Informer ( Muhbir i Sadık ). Take them account and  Get your mind in your head. Do not throw Turkey, such a fire. In such a case, the whole world lights up. At the end of the fire damaged all of mankind. Great Powers, USA and Russia ( maybe Chine, and North Korea or more England, India vs.) all will go a nuclear war. In future there will be no these powers. All will extinct.

Those who manage the world are not strong enough to control everything. Do not want more of control. Do not ask more power. Jews have to be content their power, it is enough for them. Otherwise, all us will go together in a big fire.

I warned you, because Empowerment of responsibility on the right due to me.  I hope that remains the Hadith’s early gloss and its meaning thrown to a later date. Or else we will soon have only one problem that only survive.

Note:I hope and beg to God that in near future, I have to remove  this text from web. I hope events are handled by way of peace and not our world go on fire.

I prey Allah to give us peace, health and forgive.

Stand with love and respect.


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